Goodbye 'Active Virus Shield', welcome 'Avast 4.8 Home Edition'

About 10 months ago, I found an excellent anti virus known an Active Virus Shield (AVS). I got it when I sent my laptop for a maintainance service. It looked like Kaspersky Anti Virus. Its name was AVS but it was powered by Kaspersky. It did a lot of excellent job by shielding my laptop from virus.

It was produced by AOL with cooperation of Kaspersky. It was a free Kaspersky anti virus from AOL!

Starting from that, my laptop was called as 'sin cleaner' by my friends because they always look for me to clean their removable disks or pendrives from viruses and malwares. Then, I passed the installer to my friends. So like me, they satisfied with the anti virus.

Unfortunately, the license operation just valid until 22 June, 2008. AOL did not produce AVS anymore. I can't renew my license to make my AVS still working.

Due to that, I looked for a new free anti virus that should be the best for my laptop. I found Avira, AVG, Avast and other anti viruses. I compared all of them by their performance, magazine editors rates, and user rates. I found that new Avast 4.8 Home Edition is the best among them.

I downloaded it then I uninstalled AVS from my laptop. About 5 minutes, my laptop doesn't has any security software to protect my laptop, but I still online. 5 minutes after the uninstallation, I installed Avast anti virus.

GMT 0835 hrs, 17 June 2008: Active Virus Shield powered by Kaspersky no longer work for my laptop protector. It was proudly 'resigned' from my laptop. (Malaysian time: GMT +8.00)

GMT 0840 hrs, 17 June 2008: Avira 4.8 Home Edition Antivirus was 'promoted' as the protector of my laptop. (Malaysian time: GMT +8.00)

It look as a new 'government' for my laptop which is securing all systems and files from threats.

Thanks for Active Virus Shield for your excellent service, and welcome to Avira antivirus for becoming a new antivierus for my laptop. I hope you will do excellent jobs as what AVS done before.

List of antiviruses used:
1. Dec 2006: AVG Antivirus 7
2. March 2007: Kaspersky Internet Security 6
3. June 2007: Avira AntiVir Personal
4. July 2007: Norton Antivirus 2006
5. July 2007: AVG Antivirus 7
6. Aug 2007: Active Virus Shield
7: June 2008: Avast 4.8 Home Edition Antivirus

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  1. dunt wory la even ur laptop doesnt has any antivirus to protect ur lptop for 5 minutes..
    u still has firewall to protect it..
    anway im not to suggest or sokong u to use avast as ur primary antivirus. better u use avira avg or kapersky becoz it much more power to detect any virus and remove it than avast.


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