The unfortunate and fortunate week

This unfortunate week started since 10 days ago. It was started when someone hurt my emotion. Actually, that day made my emotion hurt for the first time since about three years ago. Since that day until 10 days ago, I never care what people said about me but he did hurt me. That was the starting of my unfortunate week.

My unfortunate week continued in last Saturday that I missed replacement class for Engineering Materials subject. The class started at 9.00 am but I woke up at 9.30 am. Initially, I was late. I was rushed to try to go to the class but unfortunately I was late for an hour! So that, I decided to just go home.

That morning was unfortunate for me but it was a little mood changes when come the mid day. I went out with Fieza, Fadilah and Sapiah to shop. Firstly we went to Berjaya Megamall to shop something. Precisely, they did shop at Berjaya Megamall. I was just the 'guardiance' for them. Then, we moved to East Coast Mall for another shopping activities. This time, I did buy a shirt and I got another for free! We finished at ECM, we moved to Teluk Chempedak Beach. They were so happy at the beach... like kids (sigh...). I brought them to the other side of the beach but we needed to cross the rocks by the bridge. When we walk at the bridge, we stop at some places to take pictures. Suddenly (suspence sound) a monkey walked trough them when they were pose for the picture. They were shocked but meanwhile I was blurred do not know what was happened to them. A second later, I noticed the monkey. Fieza and Sapiah ran away far from the monkey since Fadilah try to hide behind me. I laughed. I remembered thet my another friends and me was chased by the monkey. Perhaps, they were different monkeys.

We break fast at Teluk Chempedak by drink some juices. Then we went to a stall and ordered nasi goreng kampung. We finished our meals at about 8 pm. Next we planned to send them to the university, but I remembered that Saleem, one of famous Malaysian singer came to Kuantan and present at Kuantan Parade. So, we changed our plan and go to Kuantan Parade. Initially, I just want to buy his album, but then I got his autograph and captured picture with him (laugh). I was extremely happy that night.

Next day, I went out with another three girls, Lili, Farha and Dila. We went to the same places to shop (not again!). Firstly, I was just accompanied them to shop but since my parent gave me some money, I needed to shop too. That day, I bought more then before (giggle). I asked them to choose shirts and trousers for me. They did chose for me.

Last Tuesday, I had another unfortunate day. I forgot to take my books that I brought into the English Lab. I was worried if I cannot meet my books again. On the next day, I wait in front of the lab and asked one of the students to take the book. Thankfully, I managed to get the books.

Just now, my friend lost my motobike keys. Another unfortunate day for me. I am worry right now same time as I write this blog if I cant get the keys back. If not, I will punished by my parents. Please pray for me to get the keys so that I will go home peacefully.

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