Begining of new chapter...

On 1 July, I'll continue my study at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. The location is not too far from my home, but I still feel quite empty because most of my friends are not with anymore. They had been gone all over the places either in Malaysia or foreign countries.

What I want to say is stepping into university life will be a new brand chapter of my life. Matriculation life was a very tough chapter of my life. It put me at the lowest level in my life. I can't manage my life as good as what I had been in secondary school.

Starting of my new chapter is also a new hope, new vision and mission of my life. I had rearranged my 5 years plan to make my life is suitable to the situation around me. It would make me more flexible to my surrounding.

Most of my friends are already registered into their university and already started their orientation week. Meanwhile, I'm still counting to the day that I'll register into my university. I still have some friends that will continue their study at the same place with me, and I have to look for new friends.

For all my friends, all the best to you. Hope that you will be success in the future.

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