Let tell us what things are identify you as a Malaysian?

I got this idea from a group in Facebook. Here, I put some messages from people around the world what things identify them as Malaysian.

Bels Bariana - Canada.
1) I speak in Malay to my sister so that other people won't understand what we're saying even though I don't speak Malay in Malaysia to anyone other than my maid. People stare at us weirdly. they think we're speaking Chinese. o.O
2)I say lah and stuff, most of my stuff, is from Malaysia. ♥

Kwong Yong - Toronto.
1. Correcting idiots who think Malaysia is part of Singapore
2. Having kaya toast and nasi lemak in the morning rather than a cup of coffee and donuts

Richie Lubaton - Vancouver, BC.
1. nasi lemak
2. selipar jepun

Yin Zhao Hor - Eindhoven, Holland.
1) I love Laksa, Hokkien Mee, Koay Teow Th'ng.. etc.. *missing them
2) Almost all my friends have learn to say "Lah" , because of me!

Lin Yin Chua - UK
1. I think durians smell great!
2. I play badminton

Nicholas Lai Xin Onn - Melbourne
1) I'm so proud of piracy and my other friends are so envious of me.
2) No where else has as many public holidays as we do!

Min-Hwee Lim - London
1) i understand the true value of the pound when i go back to malaysia as 7 ringits can buy you so much there
2) we have a proton back home in Malaysia

Anucyia Victor - Essex UK
1) Because I have a sapu thing for my bathroom and kitchen instead of using a hoover
2) All my conversations with family and close friends start with "Have you eaten?" and seem to only revolve around food
3) I say "alamak" in my head when I screw up at work

Husni Al-Attas - Newark, Delaware.
1) I tried making apam balik with Hungry Jack pancake mix.
2)I procrastinate and always go by Malaysian time.

David Teo - Melbourne, Australia
1. I suka makan makan la
2. I always sing the Negaraku song. so nice la!

Azni Samson - Skagway, ALASKA
1- My girlfriend asking who is OAG on my iPod?
2- i wear Selangor football jersey!

Christine Koh - Singapore.
- Scream "Malaysia Boleh" whenever I meet a fellow Malaysian anywhere! Woot!
- I hang a Malaysian flag in my hall every Aug 31st! Merdeka!

Jan Faye Lee - San Francisco, California
1. don't care if u angmoh or not, u take off those shoes when u come into my room!
2. gila-gila like to use certain words twice. don't care whether correct english or not. eg. come-come, we go jalan-jalan together-gether.

Lay Yin Tang - Okayama Japan
1. I have 1 and half bottles of sambal belacan in my fridge
2. I am the only girl not in makeup in the streets (in malaysia, it will melt lah) mana boleh tahan.

Sue Lyn - Irvine, California, USA
1. I still drink MILO every night before bed. My MILO is from Malaysia, parents and friends brought it for me every time when they visit
2. I eat Maggie Mee-Chicken flavor when I am depress. Just this flavor in the world will make me feel better. Again, I can't find this flavor around this area, I can only find the ASAM LAKSA flavor of Maggie Mee.
3. Of course, my non-Malaysian boy friend know the meaning of "-lar" and know how to use it correctly.

Shazana Rahim - Australia
1. Everytime hear Singapore got something wrong feel an evil bit of glee and 'padan muka, kiasu-land!' comes to mind for a moment.
2. Obviously the way I speak with my 'lahs', 'mahs', 'aiyo', etc.
3. Cannot imagine what is going to happen when I go study in Aussie and do not have cheap options to eat Malay/Chinese/Indian/Western food. D:

Siew Moon Chow - I am in Melbourne, Australia now.
(1) add 'la', 'meh', 'hor', 'bah' etc etc in every sentence that i said. And i found them very useful in expressing feeling lke: ' ya la..'=agree; 'yameh'= really?; 'yea hor'= oh yes, i nearly forget about it...=)
(2) wear short pants in every season, no matter it;s spring, summer, autumn or winter...
(Can i add the 3rd, we LAUGH really LOUD~!!! LOLs

That's all from me, if you want more, join this group in Facebook: If you are Malaysian say LAH

For me:
1. I love Malaysian football, so that I always condemn the team.
2. Always ask "dah makan?" (in English, it sounds "have you eaten?") first to other people before other questions.
3. Like to repeat words three times like, "makan-makan-makan!", "naik-naik-naik!", "cepat-cepat-cepat!"...
4. As usual, malaysian "lah" cannot be vanished from my mouth... lol.

So, how about you? What things are identify you as a Malaysian?

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  1. You luv Malaysian football??

    What identify me as Malaysian of coz my I.C......and my BABY FACE...kihkihkih

  2. i think 'melatah' sometime make me as m'sian..he3..
    other else,'sambal belacan+ika kering goreng+nasi panas'mmmm really make miss it if i don't have it for a week or even a day..he3..

  3. husna-zagazig Egypt
    1)first thing here.identify me as a malaysian is the way we dress.malaysian is simple not yet the stylo mylo like the egyptian who is just like european when they dressed up
    2)second thing is,malaysians always have good manners.they are not rude,not littering,not pushing people when they walk.etc
    anyhow:budi bahasa budaya kita! LOLZ

  4. 1)my Terengganu-ism thick accent...
    2)roti canai
    4)keropok lekor
    5)baju kurung
    6)that -LAH stuff...

  5. hmm..at this moment..i though about nasi lemak...yummy!! my housemate tried to make it..but unfortunately not same as malaysian....it taste egyptian...hahaha

  6. my face.
    my word
    my mother tongue
    my family
    my habit
    my skool
    kopok leko

  7. For me! As kelantan people what i had proud of malaysia/malaysian that we have many races here, and many tradisional food like budu, belacan, cencalok, and etc..

  8. maisara-UK
    -'lah' of course
    -mending 'mee goreng' using spageti
    -put 'chili source' most of your meal~ketchup is not really nice,lol
    -malaysia women tudung..haha quite similar la everyone.
    -and sometime we used to call the older person by kak,abg,makcik~instead of their name..so sopan lol..

  9. ya2,bagi aku pun melatah tu yagn melambangkan Malaysian,haha
    lagi satu orang Malaysia ni,dye punya kelebihan dye,suka mkan durian,one of the 'stink' food for the western,kata dorang la,padahl minum arak jauh lagi busuk x sedar haha

  10. 1.bju kurung
    2,remember the 'rukun negara',^^,

  11. i enjoy wasting my time doing nothing. i read average 2 books per year. i drive recklessly. i paid high taxes but i get the worse service EVER! it's worthless.


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