A Terrible Accident

7 June 2008, 1745 hours.

I had an accident. Car accident. At Bentong, in KL-Karak highway. It was
raining cat and dog. At the corner, I saw someone was flying a red
flag. Then, I slow down. When I went trough into the corner, I noticed
that the cars are already lined up. Then, I made an emergency brake. It
was useless. My car still slip on the road.

I thought to steer to left to escape from the accident, but there was a
motorcyclist on my left. I have to choose in 2 seconds. Either I smash
the car or I kill the motorcyclist! I chose the first choice. I smash
the car in front of me.

It was too fast for me. I hope it was just a dream. Unfortunately, it
wasn't. I was saved by someone at the road. Then, I found that there
are about half a dozen of cars were have their terrible time to. They
had their accident earlier than me.

What a bad day, what a bad time I had. I was taken to Karak Police Station,
then I took about one and a half hours at the police station. I was
compounded RM300. My driving license merit also deducted.

Thank God that my younger brother and sister and I were safe. No injuries. I
don't want to blame anyone. Neither the road nor the rain. It gave me a
lesson to more careful and more alerted to any situations.

Thank God that I don't kill anyone there. The seat belt saved us.

To all who read this, drive wisely. Wear seatbelt. You may be safe from any accident that may be happened.

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