Either reformat my laptop or not

My laptop is now not working as well as before. Lot of system and applications are corrupted. I need to reformat my laptop, but I have to find back all softwares that are important for my study. I must have C++ programmer, Autocad, Macromedia softwares, Flash softwares and so on. It will give me troubles if I don't manage to find the software soon.

In other hand, by keeping the softwares still in my laptop, I should not reformat my laptop. At least for this month. Unfortunately, if I still using my laptop in this condition, I could have nothing besides a cramp laptop, trouble system operation and most of the application will not run perfectly.
I might can not recover my hard disk memory because all the craps are 'eating' my memory right now!

I have to choose either one of the trouble.

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