What will we say about our own experience? There will be a lot of experience that we want to talk about. But now, I just return from my camping. It is compulsory because I take a subject named Briged Siswa in my university.

I thought that the camping would just the same like my ordinary camping before. Naaa... it was so different and very special. I gave me a new experience for me. [I don't care about others, as long as it was very cool]

Look, I'll tell you in journal format. It would give me more memories to remember.

The day before, 25th of July, 2008
Actually, I just want to relax in my weekend. I started to pack my cloth for the camping. By the way, that night, I had to attend the ceramah at the mosque. It was also compulsory for me because I have a subject called Rakan Siswa. Duh, after Maghrib mass prayer, it was a ceramah from whom, I forget already.

Started from Assalamualaikum, I was actually slept when the ceramah ran until there was the lecturer talk about the Zioneese regime. I awakened until the ceramah ended.

After Isya mass prayer, there were shows from whom, I don't really know. It might be SAHAM or someone. There were nasyeed, poem and else. I forgot. During that time, I was just chatting with my friends who were now in Malacca and UKM. The programme ended ad 11.30 pm.

The 1st day, 26th of July, 2008
I slept at 2 am in that night. I was chatting with my friend who is studying in UPSI. At 4 am, I should be attend for the Qiamullail but all of my roomate including me extended our sleeping hour until 6.30 am.

I woke up and prepare for the camping in rush. I thought I was late, fortunately, the busses were also late. So then, I was safe.

I reach at the camp at about 9.00 am. There was some briefing and speech.

[Fast foward] After that, we were divided onto groups. I was the team leader for Group 7.
First task: clean up the camping area. We done it too early. We managed to walk around the village. It was so calm. Just like a classic time. I put my body relax for a while.

After lunch, we did the jungle tracking. It was quite boring for me because it was not too adventure just like before. Anyway, as a team leader, I couldn't show my attitude my friends. I had to give some motivation to the camp members when they got trouble in some adventure test. [Actually: I had some fear to face the test also...haha]

Then, nothing more special.

After Asar mass prayer, Ravi did touch my heart. He speech the prayer of us as muslim to Allah to give us bleesing from Him for the world and life after. [Rabbana aatina fid-dunya hasanah...]

That night, huh...the most important thing happened to us. There was a very wild storm. We need to pray Isya prayer in the rain. That was the first time experience in my life. I also was the imam for the prayer. Even me can't hear my voice when we were praying.

We all were wet. Nobody care. All of us wet. I was just had only a pair of dry cloth. Then, we need to take cover under the musolla. That night activity was cancelled. Our tents were flooded.

[hot stuff] Ravi and Loh was the hero in that night. Thew saved other students who cannot manage to safe their belongings in the tents. Thanks to them.

At late night, the girls slept in the house and the boys slept in the musolla. It was so cold because they were sleeping outside!

I slept in the store. My mentality was critically dropped, but I manage to control myself. I can't sleep well. It was very cold. There was nothing could I use to cover myself as blanket. I just use the life jacket in the store to cover my body.

2nd day, 27th of July, 2008
Woke up at 5.30 am. Pray at the mosque. I saw some trees touched the ground. I can imagine how wild the storm last night.

At 7 am, we built the raft. Then, we stop for freakfast. After breakfast, we were 'sailing' with the raft. The river was running fast. My team was had accident with another group raft and we do not manage to deploy at the deploy site. Then, we work as a team to stop our raft. Then we managed to stop at a garden at the river bank. We were also managed to safe another raft which was Lan team. The raft that has no guarantee to float saved and managed to return to the camp site.

At noon, we cook tom yam. Starting to sembelih ayam [sorry, forget the word sembelih in English] to the last part of cooking: eat.

At 5, we went to UMP. I was so exited at the camping session.

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