Silentcolours and Coldfire: Two elements of Fadzrul Hisyam

Means that the silent of colours. Colours are elements that show the real about something. Colours have a lots of meanings. It also may give someone more motivation to do something. Unfortunately, not all people know about the meanings of colours. This is because colours are silent. They don't talk or written to tell the meanings of the colours. Colours are just keep it very quiet. Put the real themselves deep into their 'heart'.

This is me: Silentcolours. I am now a man who keep the real of me very deep into my heart. I might show who I am, but it will be so quiet and silent. I will keep who really I am into deep of my heart.

Means that the cold of the fire. As we know, cold is very cool and peace. It is not wild, but its cold also can kill. Though cold looks so calm, but it has its power. A very powerful power. Meanwhile, fire is opposite of cold. Fire is hot and wild. It will burn everything in its path. Though we know that fire is so wild, but fire also can be our friend. As long as we control the fire, it will be our friend. It can heat us when cold, heat and cook foods. By combining cold and fire, it has a balance between these elements. Unfortunately, if it unbalance, either cold or fire will become wild and it is not easy to control them.

This is my elements: Coldfire. I will be just okay if I am in stable condition, but if I have a trouble that make me unbalance, either cold or fire, It is not easy to control me.

Now, Silentcolours Coldfire is me and my elements.

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