Dr. Love or Mr. Romeo?

My friends always refer to me when they need some advice about love things. I don't know why, but they still looking for me. Either when they had their complicated situation in their relationship or someone who is looking for love. They always look for me.

I still remember when one of my friend asked me, "What will men do when they fall in love with a woman?"

Others asked me, "What should I do to get some attention from him/her?"

Majority from them are girls. They are rather ask me than their same gender friends. It is almost every week, someone will ask me for something that relates to love and relationships.

The main question is, why they asked me? Until now, they still refer to me. They already know that I had failed in my relationship twice, but they are still looking for me.

Some of them are not just send me e-mails, sms or messages in my Friendster and Myspace profile, but some of them dare to call me just asking me for a question.

Me, as their friend, have to give good advices to them. I will not state the decision that they must do but just give some opinion and suggestion and let them decide the best for them.

My situation now let them call me Dr. Love. Hey! I failed in my relationship before and now I am still single! Why you ask me for advices? Ihave no answers for my questions, but they have.

I am still looking for my answer. When I asked one of them, they said that I am mature enough to advice people.

Hey, how can you think like this? I still have my own problems, but maybe because of I can manage my problems well, they said so. Okay, the answer might acceptable for me, but the reason is not too strong.

Anyway, I am still ready for them when they need helps. I will help them as good as I can do. Whatever they call me, Dr. Love or Mr. Romeo, I just want my friends happy in their life.

I don't care if I am not in good mood or in complicated situation, the important is I have to do my role as friend that that they trust enough.

Just like the lyric in the song of Cinta Belacan by Norman KRU and Apek Senario, love is sometimes hurt people soul, but human still looking for love.

The important is, do not just hoping for someone give love to you, but you are the one who have to give love to people. When we are hoping for love, we might not get the love that we want but by giving love to people, either they accept the love or not, maybe someone very need love more than what we need.

Remember, the only one who really love us: The Lord.

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