The price of love: Priceless or Un-priced?

When we talk about love, everybody will think about love between man and woman. This is the main point that human will talk about. However, do they know the actual price of love? Majority of them will say love is priceless. Yes, love is priceless. It is a gift from God. He give us love to make sure the quality of humanity in the world.

Love is not only about man and woman is loving together, but the scope of love is very wide. For every religion, the only greatest love that we should give to is love to the God. It is so complicated too all people because different religion teach different ways about love. Then, there are so many other kind of love such as love to parents, family, country, wealth, health, animals, environment and so on.

Return to the main topic of what I want to discuss about is love between man and woman. This kind of love has a very big power, and people say we have a city of love, Paris. How strong love is it? Strong enough to swim trough the sea of fire or they dare to love their beloved even there come of the end of the world? Almost of them dare to do anything for love.

When we are talking about daring to do anything for love, from my observation, people really dare to do anything for their beloved, especially women. For men, the number who dare to do whatever they said to their beloved is small. I mean, VERY small. Men do not think their first love is his last love for them, but women do think like that. That is why women are rather to do everything that their boyfriend ask for than being left by their boyfriend.

Am I right? I am confidently say that I am right. Women always hope that the man will be their the only love for them. So that, women dare to do everything for their man. That is why there are so many women lost their pride to the man that she think their man love them. They afraid that if they do not do what their man want, they will lost their man. Actually, this kind of man is useless man. They use women for their happiness. They do not think about others, as long as they enjoy what they do. The victims are women. Naive women.

However, some of men are also have their quality when they are in love with woman. They dare to do everything and dare to sacrifice their wealth, time, job, and everything just for their woman. These men are not using woman for themselves. They are really love their woman, but the fact is their first love is still not their last love.

Men will show his actual love after married their wife. In that time, he will use his power to make sure his beloved is secured and save with them. Meanwhile, their love are not just for her wive, but also to their children.

When we think again about love. Is it priceless or Un-priced? Let think and decide.

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