Years with Friendster.

Three years ago, in August 2005, I created my account in Friendster. Actually in that time, I do not really know what is the purpose of using Friendster. My friends always sent me e-mails to invite me to join Friendster. I do not really remember who was my first friend in my account, but I had explore my comments arkib that sent to my profile. I go trough all my comments until I reach the first comment that sent to me three years ago.

I remembered that the comment box now is actually not come alone. There was two boxes, comment boxes and testimonial box. Past, I do not know what are their perpose to be there. Soon, I like to send comments and testimonials to my friends. For some time, the boxes were combined into one and known as comment box.

I felt a lot of experience when I look at my comments. It was just like a time machine that put me back to the time the comments sent to me. When I read the comments, it put me into a situation that I felt that I miss all my friends. The comments made me smile. They made me eager to view the senders' profile. I do not remember all of them, but I know them and how do we connected each other in this network.

There are quite many friends that often sent me comments. Some of them are Ain, Mira, and many more. It is mean that they are likely the most active friend of me. Meanwhile, when I viewed one of my friend's profile, I saw a profile that located at the Featured Friends box. I was touched by her loyalty to her boyfriend although he passed away about in September, 2007. Her boyfriend was also my friend in the real world. I felt so sad that she wished his birthday eventhough he will not hear her wish anymore. It showed me the power of love and loyalty. I hope that she can go trough this life even her beloved one is not here anymore. It was a sad moment for me. Let's recite some prayers and sura al-Fatihah for Allahyarham Saiful Fitri.

There was long journey that I have to be done. I moved into other pages, other profiles and more comments and I went trough the time line, until I reach the first comments that sent to me. It was dated 08/25/2005 on 10:17pm. The first sender was Fatimah Zahara. She was one of my team members in English-in Camp that I attended in Penang.

Going trough the time made me recall the life that passed. It made me rewind back the time. Recall the happiness, sadness, tough times, and more that I able to managed untill how I am right now. That made me a history. Remind the good, bad and experiences from past to make me better for tomorrows.

The life is not too long for us to live, but it is also not too short for us too die. The life is so precious. Nothing can replace the experiences in our life.

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  1. aihate my fs!
    but i love it too~~
    tanx eyh update blog ak!
    i rilli2 appreciate it!


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