Being at the most back in the lecture session

This is all about the test result. The Test 1 result for Static subject. Not mine, but the others'. I got just over the half of the percentage. It is still okay for me.

This is not the point. The main thing that I want to say is, my lecturer, Mr. Shahrir said to the belowers to sit at the front of the class in his subject lesson. I thought that will not annoy me, but I was wrong. It was really annoying me.

Yes, they sit at the front. It is good for them but not for me. I was 'kicked' to the most back in the class! I don't like this situation! I can't see the screen clearly and the students have tall neck!

I can't let this happen again! I want to seat at the front! At least at the middle of the class. Not at the back.

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