The unfortunate and fortunate week IV

I thought that my unfortunate week ended when I got the keys back, but I'm wrong. My unfortunate week still continues. This evening, one more tragedy happened to me. The most dangerous and the most terrible thing happened to me. It might be because of my fault, but it is still one of my unfortunate list in my unfortunate week.

I almost kill my brothers and my sister including myself. I slept when I was driving. About 30 minutes before it happened, I was still okay but then I was getting tired. When at Maran, I noticed that the sign board that tell the Hentian Sebelah Maran is just 2 kilometres away. I decided to stop there to have a little rest. I thought that I can hold on for just another 2 kilometres.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. I lost to myself. I slept. Then, unnoticed by anyone in the car, I jostled with the road barrierer at a light corner. Everybody in the car was shocked including me. I was blurred. I stop the car then I saw the car was scratched terribly. Thank God we were save. Thank God that we smack the road barrier and did not smack cars or trucks neither fall into the valley.

These picture shows the condition of the car.

I learnt something new here. I have to stop wherever I am. If I cannot hold, just stop and have a rest. I hope this tragedy will be the last tragedy in my unfortunate week.

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  1. tu... memang... menakutkan...
    look at the bright side, Allah wants us to learn something. It's better us to ALMOST do it than us REALLY do it.
    Praise Him for saving u n ur family.
    We shud all take a lesson from ur story...

  2. ow dear~~
    pity u..
    one after another!
    hope it'll ended here...
    ne seken car crash kan..
    i still remember the fez one..
    b4 masuk u..
    is it the same car??

  3. yes and nope
    yes for this is the second accident
    nope for this is the another car. the first car was perodua kelisa and thi is the second car, reanult kangoo.


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