Gotong royong: the harmony of Malaysian

Gotong royong is a Malay language words that mean people are working together in a big group to do something good for the community. This words also translated in many types of meanings but the main point about gotong royong is this is a good social values that consist of relationship, teamwork, auxiliary, tolerance and so on. This is the unique of Malaysian. Gotong royong make all peopla are working together to do something good for the communities.

Malaysian are commonly come from three majority races that are Malay, Chinese, and Indian and there are also more than 50 minority races such as Dayak, Melanau, Kadazan, Dusun, Orang Asli and so on. This condition makes Malaysia is a multi culture country.

People always think that there are not easy to make all the different races to gather together to something that agreed, also together. Yes, it is not easy. Yet, this Malaysian tradition make all races gather together to do something that they had agreed.

As an example, people come from different races are working together to clean their residential area and also when comes wedding ceremony, mostly Malay wedding ceremony, people will gotong royong to do all the wedding preparation especially the kenduri (feast) preparation. Men and women give commitment to do the preparation to make sure that the caremony will be perfect.

For some cases, an organization plans to do a gotong royong that involve multi races people. The unique is, though they are never see each other before, they still have their teamwork and also can comunicate to each other wisely! They are also can tolerate each other when they are in gotong royong. Meanwhile, they are also will make jokes and funs with each other although they are don't know each other. Besides that, they are intend to build new relationship with their new friends and also for those are already known each other, they tighten up their relationship.

Gotong royong is not just a work. It combines the good quality of social, teambuilding, human resources, communication, tolerance, happiness and joys, relationship, physical workout, even mentality matureness, the harmony of multi races people and more!

This is Malaysia, the multi races country. The truly Malaysian harmony, and the unique and precious tradition of Malaysian that has vary good values of life. There are only two words that can include all of these good values of life: gotong royong.

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