Mathematical Life Philosophy

-:: 20-0=20, 0-20=0, 20/2=40 ::-

What do you think about these equations? Are the answers wrong? Do I know mathematics? Is this true or false?

Mathematically, two of the equations are false but for philisophers, the equations can be true or false.

I create this equations not just for nothing but I create them and show them to you is to make us to think. How can be all the equations are absolutely true?

I will provide the answers at the end of this post. Before you read the answers, I want you to think the rational of these equations.

The numbers are not give meanings as a value. You can give any meanings that comes to your head. Let's think.

-:: 20-0=20, 0-20=0, 20/2=40 ::-

The answers:


Gives a meaning that when you have the good values about you, then you refuse to do bad things or something that noot good as example as opposite from country rules or religion rules, you will put yourself in nice view from people. People even God will see you as a good man and you will have the good values with you.

Doing the 'noot good' things will make us viewed as like someone that will never be trusted and people will not see how much value you have but, a bad thing that can see by people will make you 'a bad person'.


This equation shows that when someone that has no knowledge about something, refuse to learn it, he will still do not has the knowledge.

We will do not have any knowledge if we dont want to learn it. From the equation, "0" (zero) is a symbol that means that we have no knowledge. "20" (twenty) is a symbol for knowledge. "-20" (minus twenty) means we refuse to learn the knowledge. "=0" (equal zero) means that we still do not have the knowledge.


Good manners will receive rewards from God. When two people are doing a good thing together (that is the total of the reward is 20 as an example) and the they share the reward, they will not get half of the reward each but they still get the total of the reward each. This shows that God is the Most Gracious. He will give rewards to people totally when people do good things. Even they are 'sharing' to do the good things.

Mathematically, 20 apples divided to two people, both will have 10 apples each. In religious mathematical, it is not.


This is just my thought about the equations. If you have more ideas, please leave your comments and we share the knowledges together.

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