Exceeding my body working limitation

Phew! What a week! So retiring! I don't think if I can face this situation for more days. This week put me in the most extreme working limit. My body works 120% more than it's limitation.

As usual, my weekly activities are mostly filled my time table. I thought that I will just busy as weeks before, but soon, there were some rearrangement of my activities in my time table.

Monday didn't give me lots of troubles since that my activities that rearranged were started in Tuesday.

From Tuesday to Thursday, my activities were started from 0800 hours until 1800 hours accept Thursday, which were ended at 2200 hours.

This heavy week made my health condition getting worse day by day. For some times, I can handle it well. Anyway, Thursday evening shows that my body can't handle it anymore. My body became weaker and made me can't stand for more then five minutes. So, then I needed to find a chair to sit.

At night, my body became weaker then before. This time, I'm confirmed that I'm really sick. My body temperature raised rapidly and I was barely able to breath easily. That was my weakness. Commonly, I can handle myself wisely when I was infected in any disease, and I might not need any medication, but desperate to breath made me give up. I took two pills of Panadol Soluble. And I hope to recover as soon as possible.

In the time that I am writing this post, I am still can't breath easily. I hope there will be better tomorrow.

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  1. owh.pity of you..huhu..
    take a good care of your health..
    have enough sleep..
    have some time,let ur body rest..

  2. thanks amira...
    I hop I'll better soon as possible

  3. mira..ak pon penat gak..huhu..
    tahap cipan nyer letih..
    xley nk angkat kaki..


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