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Tabiat pelik Mira sebelum tido: Bantai bedak satu botol sebelum tido...hahaha


10 truth:

1. I have a list consist about 5 names who I crushed to... and I still have feeling on them! Guess who? - lol

2. I am the one who made my water used bill is too cheap! - Think yourself lah!

3. I do not like amphibians especially lizard, toad/frog and their families... they are disgusting!

4. I born naked...

5. I like girls but I hate them who are so crazy on an athelete or actor! - Irritating and so pathetic!

6. I do study for Mechanical Engineering, but the truth is I do not know car and motorcycle parts!

7. I have shirts and trousers that I bought about couple yeras ago, but I never wear them!

8. I don't like United State but I admire on Soviet Union - on their survival spirit, not on their socialist style.

9. I rather to lost in the city than say "I don't know to go there"...

10. I am phobia of being in water that is deeper than my height, being in high places, dead body, and wet roads...


Next victim: Watch out folks!

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  1. wooo..
    habit pelik itu salahhh!!!

    thanks neway dude!
    ak juga xsuka pompuan yg ala2 admire kat actor or atlet..
    lm ertikata len..
    i hate celebrity crush!


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