Tag from Birmingham

Oh, no! Not again! I was tagged from Maisarah!

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.. You have to tag a minimum of 3 person afterwards... If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you!

This is about me:
1. I love family life.
2. I can't live more than 3 days without watch.
4. I am computer maniac, but I can live without them more than you can ever think.
3. I am not afraid to criticize leaders directly to them, but I do afraid to confess my feeling to girl I like.
4. I craze for power, but hate positions.
5. Every time I lost in the city, I just drive anywhere as I think it is the right way though it is not.
6. I have 15 pairs of shoes, but I just wear four of them.
7. I have six dozens of shirt, but randomly I just wear at most 14 of them.
8. Not scared of snakes or other poisonous animals, but I would like to choose to be as far as I can from amphibians.
9. I like blue, but I wear mostly black.
10. Do not like to be in either crowded or too silent places.
11. Always remind people about good things, but I always forget about them.
12. Three days is not enough to make me recognize even five girls.
13. I am a good speaker, but not good in speaking with girls.
14. A word: 'thanks' is just enough for me.
15. Actually, I can coax sulking girls, but I always refuse to do it.
16. I did reject more girls than I was rejected twice.
17. <----- I like this number, but I don't know why.
18. I like to be with girls but I am not a playboy.
19. I did play with panda doll when I was a kid.
20. I don't like rules, but if there are no rules, I will make one.
21. Assignments make me understand what I learn but I hate to complete them.
22. I admit that Beckham, Kaka, Messi are good-looking person, but I know I am better than them.
23. I don't like taugeh, tauhu, soy juice and all products that made from soy except soy sauce (kicap).
24. I am quite jealous when my friends have girlfriends but I do not want one.
25. I like tagging, but I think just let it end here.

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  1. continue..hisyam's tag.
    7 0f 25 things is all about girls~
    haha~sham i noe u'r crush wif a girl at this particulr mment,,jus cnfess it..cool.

  2. cannot la...
    it's hard to do...
    harder than meeting all the Sultans...


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