Today is The Judgement Day

Hi there! There was so long time ago that I didn't sent posts in English. However, by now I send this post in English so that I'll keep this blog is still in its format.

Then, I'd like to say that today is the start of my Judgement Day, the final examination. Today subject will be Engineering Mathematics. Some of them called it Calculus, however, the names are referred to a same meaning.

For those who are also in 'super fighter mode', I wish all the best for you. I hope that you could kick some butt in the exam hall. Do as best as you can there! You'll sure that you can make it easier than what you think!

Beside that, please pray for my best in my exam. This is might quite late for me to say this, but at least I could speak it loud. I'm apologizing to those who I made mistakes before and I hope that you apologize me as well. I've never keep any bad feelings on all my friends. You are never guilt on me.

As what other people said, Chaiyok! Gambate! Let's Rumble!

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  1. I wish you good luck and all the best. Hope that we both and altogether with our friends can excel in whatever we are doing. Ganbatte kudasai!!! Let's kick some butt!!! huhu


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