[Special Post]: Champions League: Roma Finale 2009

What a such dramatic games shown by the teams played in the UEFA Champions League Semi Final games. All of them had put their life into their team sake to make sure that they can put their leg into the final.

However, there were a shock to Arsenal who did struggle to play with killer Manchester United. United were too tough to them since that Park Ji Sung had shown his terrific games in the second leg semi final. United with killer instinct played very good to play in Arsenal tempo but soon they managed to grab two goals in three minutes started from Park's goal. Ronaldo did shown his real game last night. He did score two goals and assist for Park's goal. Park also had shown his true colours that he was not a little child on the pitch. His determination on his game made him praised by manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Meanwhile, the game gave an unfortunate night to Darren Fletcher. He received a red card from Italian referee, Roberto Rosetti for a rough tackle inside the penalty area to Cesc Fabregas. Soon, when the incident was replayed, it was shown that he did touch the ball and he did a clean tackle. Otherwise, the decision is in Rosetti's hand either he will admit his faulty of making the decision or not. If not, Fletcher will not listed in United squad for the final game against Barcelona.

For Arsenal, it was a terrible night for them that shown they were beaten by 1-3 and fail to extend their steps into final by aggregate 1-4. It was a very energetic game played by young squad Gunners but it was nit enough to make them to the final. Although that Fabregas did score a goal in the second leg semi final game, but it was too late to stop United.

In other hand, Barcelona did show their power in European football arena. Last minute goal by Iniesta bring a bad luck to Chelsea. Chelsea had shown their world class game by denying Barcelona domination in the game. They managed to stop Barcelona attack at most of the time. However, it was a marvelous game shown by Chelsea at the early of the game by scored a goal in 9th minute.

Barcelona again did not show their top game. Though that they did dominate the game by holding 71% of ball position but there were too bad that there were no on target shot did by them. Luckily, Iniesta broke the barrier to make sure that the only one on target shot was the most valuable shot for them. He scored in the nick of time. Iniesta whacks one into the top corner as Messi squared it to him on the edge of the area after Essien's awful clearance. His goal is enough to kill Chelsea in the game.

Soon, let's go to Rome. The most wanted game in the world will be played at Stadio Olimpico at 27 May 2009. Who will be the champion of Europe? Is it possible to United to defend their title and be the first team to defend their title for the first time after 19 years or Barcelona will grab the title and make the title is indefensible to all champions in Europe? Let feel the heat of Europe football!

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