My Kind Of Girl

This is a Facebook tag from Nana and Yasmin if I not mistaken. This tag should be posted last month but since that Blogging in BM campaign was still running in that time, I postponed to post this tag.


you are a guy, post this as: "My Kind Of Girl".
If you are a girl, post this as: "My Kind Of Guy".
Answer the questions honestly, and tag people to do the same too! haha, bdw, ANS IN BM..kih3

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
A good looking girl is just nice for me.

2. Smart?
Smart enough to make sure she can survive in her own kitchen.

3. Preferred age?
+/- 5 years. Is it okay?

4. Preferred height?
Higher than my elbow level. And I shouldn't shorter than her ears level. Between my shoulder and my ears levels is an ideal height for me.

5. How about sense of humour?

6. How about piercing?
It's up to her.

7. Accepts you for who you are?
Yes! 300% agree! Accept me as the best I am, and as the worst I am.

8. Pink hair?
Please don't. I can accept if she is a pink maniac, but not on her hair, please. Natural colour is better.

9. Black, Brown or White skinned?
This question seems too racist. lol. I prefer between Beyonce to Kate Winslet skin colour. Not too white like a dead body. (p/s: I said skin colour! Not the people, okay! Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan?)

10. Long hair or short hair?
The shortest is her hair just touch her shoulder and not too long like Pontianak or Rapunzel. lol

11. Smells good?
As long as she aware about herself.

12. Smoker?
Please don't. I'm not a smoker, so do her.

13. Drinker?
Coca-cola perhaps? No liquor!

14. The girl/ boy-next-door type?
If she is written in my destiny, I'll accept her, but I more prefer to find someone who is from other place instead of from my own kampong.

15. Muscular?
lol. No need. As long as she's healthy.

16. Plays violin?
A bonus! but I prefer piano. This is just optional. Not compulsory.

17. Plays bass or acoustic guitar?
Either one, but she must teach me how to play them. lol

18. Plays piano?
I like it! Not compulsory for her.

19. Sings very good?
It's better. Please not to be Siti Nurhaliza. I'll get jealous a lot!

20. With glasses?
I don't mind.

21. Shy type?
It's okay to be shy but please not to be silent. It's better I go to talk with tree if she too silent.

22. Rebel or good boy/girl?
If I give 1 for rebel, and 10 for good, I'd like between 5-9 in range.

23. Active or passive?
In between.

24. Tight or bomb?
Can't process this question. Input error.

25. Singer or dancer?
Singer perhaps. No, dancer! No! ... how about the audience? Yes!!! lol

26. Hip-hop?

27. Earrings?
It's up to her.

28. Dimples?
I like it. It's optional.

29. Bookworm?
Please don't. She should have life out there!

30. Love letters?
Classics! Nice for a romance moment.

31. Playful?

32. Flirt?
Please don't.

33. Poem writer?
No need.

34. Serious?
Depend on the situation. Please don't at all the times.

35. Religious?
Yes. She must be a Muslim. (p/s: it's hard to find member of the book [ahli kitab] nowadays)

36. Speaks 20 languages?
Compulsory to be spoken in Bahasa Melayu and English. Extra for Mandarin or Spannish or French.

37. Good kisser?
Wow... How can I define a good kisser?

38. Loves children?

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  1. Alah...bukan kritkal pon demanding nih...

    Standard la...soalan ni lbh pade external features...

    yg spatutnye internal features...baru le bgs..


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