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UMP SAE Team: Shell Eco-marathon

[Notes: You may skip the Introduction part and go for Vacancies part for the application]

UMP SAE Team is established directly from SAE-UMP Chapter to participate in Shell Eco-marathon Asia race that will be held on 8-10 July 2009 at Sepang International Circuit. The purpose of this race is to build a car from scratch and can run as long as it can by only using 1 litre of fuel. UMP SAE Team will be participating in Urban Concept car. The competition is quite similar to Perodua Eco-challenge, but the difference is we have to build a car ourselves.

Build a car that can run as far as it can by using 1 litre of fuel.

Brings UMP to be known to the global level of automotive industry.

About Shell Eco-marathon:
Click link below for information about Shell Eco-marathon.

About Shell Eco-marathon Asia:
Click link below for information about Shell Eco-marathon Asia.


1. Analysis Unit under Technical Division (1 space).
a. Scope of work:
i. Do analysis about chassis and suspension, engine and power train, body and electrical by using provided software.
ii. Advise other technical units for every analysis result to build a better car.
b. Requirements:
i. Know how to use computer.
ii. Know the difference of Force and Work.
c.Additional requirements (optional):
i. Have basics to use any engineering software.

2. Documentary and Multimedia Division (2 spaces).
a. Scope of work:
i. Record documentaries for every works and meetings that organized by the team.
ii. Make a corporate video clip for the team.
iii. Handle team web blog page.
b. Requirements:
i. Know what is internet.
ii. Able to differentiate Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
c. Additional requirements (optional):
i. Have basics on Microsoft Office applications.
ii. Have basics on Windows Movie Maker or better software.
iii. Know how to use camera and video cams.
iv. Know how to handle based web blog.

3. Helpers (3-5 spaces depend on the situation).
a. Scope of work:
i. Ready to receive any jobs from the division and unit leaders.
ii. Willing to do silliest to the hardest job whenever they are needed.
b. Requirements:
i. You are UMP student.

Universal requirement (mandatory):
1. Can give 100% commitment for the team
2. Love car very much
3. Working overtime is not your problem
4. Speak English moderately
5. Willing to leave your happy life for a car
6. Love jokes and make jokes

Don't have any knowledge about any mechanical software nor those typical parts of a car? That is not a problem. We'll provide a training session for you!

You are not from FKM? No worries! We already have 5 members that are not from FKM! They are 3 from FKEE, 1 from FKKSA, and 1 from KSKKP. We may add non-FKM students into the team.

Don't worry if you are female. We already have 2 female members in the team. We may add another female into the team.

Not an SAE-UMP Chapter member? Don't worry about that. We'll manage your registration to SAE International and you will be automatically become an SAE-UMP Chapter member.

Benefits if you join this team:
1. You are participating into International/Asia level competition. You may make friends with someone from foreign countries. Some non-Asian teams may be participating into the competition.
2. Gain knowledge about car manufacturing. This is a real time knowledge that may not be taught in lecture hall.
3. Improve your communicating skills.
4. For those are not from FKM, you'll find that there are a lot of space for non-mechanical engineers for a car that may cannot be handled by a mechanical engineers.
5. You can tell all over the world - you built a car!
6. You can get more than you and I can imagine!

Interested? Click link below to fill application form and online interview for the positions. Hurry! These positions are limited! You will be receiving the answer for your application via SMS and e-mail.

This application will be closed at 21 November, 2009.

Any inquiries please contact:
ooVoo: fadzrulhisyam

Any information about the team, please visit
UMP SAE Team @ Facebook:

Do you want to beat the record of >800 km/l of fuel? If you do, join us now!

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